Which CIDE are you on?

I am writing this blog today for those who struggle with making decisions.  Have you taken the personality assessment where it tells you what style of personality you are?  For those of you who know me, it is no suprise that I am a choleric to the bone. My wife is more of a sanguine personaltiy type with a hint of choleric mixed in. That probably comes from being married to me for 17 years.  Either way, a choleric is usually known for leadership.  Not having very many great role models growing up, it is imperative that I surround myself with awesome men of God who help to temper and develop these leadership attributes. Otherwise, this strength could easily become a weakness. 

 I am not usually a reader. Podcasts are more my style. Lately, I have been diving into books and I just read something that really captured my attention.  It has to do with leaders, and how they have many opportunities to choose or to deCIDE different things.   Zig Ziglar said “You are the only person in existence who can use your potential. It is an awesome responsibility”.  When thinking about using all of the resources that God has trusted me with, I am faced with a difficult decision. Am I being a good steward of what has been entrusted? Is there more that I could do? Decisions, decisions.  This is what I read that captured my attention.  To deCIDE requires a death, a dieing to a thousand options. The putting aside of a ton of possibilites to deCIDE on just ONE.  DeCIDE, HomoCIDE, or SuiCIDE? That is the question.

The root word for de – cide means to CUT OFF. All decisions cut us off from a multitude of options.  And all decisions earn us the favor of some and the disfavor of others.   I have to deCIDE which CIDE I’m on. In the end, all that really matters is that I’m on God’s CIDE.  A leader in the making.

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