I am so excited to preach this Sunday! God is going to move through His people. To know that God can use anyone no matter where you came from and who you are; that is what gets me up in the morning. I am a normal guy with an extraordinary God! He is everything to me and without Him I am nothing; but in Him I can do ANYTHING! If that doesn’t excite you then your already dead. You see, we serve a God that takes all of our imperfections and makes us look better than we really are.  Some days I wake up and think “man you are a mess”; then God says, that’s why I’m here! This is why I LOVE MY CHURCH. My church (which is Gods church) is a place where people that are broken, lost, sick, dead and hopeless find hope and freedom! Where else can you go and what else could you ever have or buy that could change your direction and purpose? Like, where could you take a broken, screwed up product and get a brand new one that not only does what its supposed to do, but comes with all the plug-ins to do more than you could ask or think? NO WHERE! This is our God! This Is our HOPE! This is our FUTURE and that’s just ONE reason why I LOVE MY CHURCH!

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